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Launch of the Buddhist Community Alliance (BCA)

For the first time in the history of Malaysian Theravadin Buddhists, a formal alliance was formed as an initiative to create a unified and stronger presence for our community in the country. The launching ceremony to officiate the alliance was held on 1 May 2010 at Dhamma Vijaya Meditation Centre in Dengkil.

The event saw the signing of MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) and planting of trees by representatives from the five Buddhist societies.

Buddhist Community Alliance (BCA) is an alliance formed by five Buddhist organisations in Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, namely Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia, Kajang Branch, Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society, Nalanda Buddhist Society, Sg. Long Buddhist Society, and Sudhamma Seremban Buddhist Society.

BCA aims to promote cooperation in Buddhist activities and programmes; pool resources in conducting these activities; as well as to unify and strengthen the Buddhist community spirit. Leveraging upon the strengths of talents from various Buddhist societies will bring great benefit to the community and help to propagate the Buddha-Dhamma even more widely and effectively. Brother Tan Ho Soon in his address, emphasised the need for sacrifice and commitment from individual members to make the  Buddhist cause successful.

Later activities included Dhamma quiz (for adults, 19 years old and above), treasure hunt (teenagers, 13 to 18 years old), colouring contest (4 to 12 years old) and presentation / hymn singing to promote fellowship. The event ended with lunch dana for members of the Maha Sangha and luncheon for all attendees, courtesy of BMSM Kajang.

Now its time to look forward to the future …. growing together in the Dhamma …

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Bhante Ratanasiri’s Dhamma Talk

17 April 2010 Saturday night

Following the potluck, Bhante Ratanasiri gave a very interesting and practical Dhamma talk, explaining various aspects of practising Buddhism and the benefits for lay people.

For the happiness of this life – there are 4 conditions to follow
1.  be alert in what you do (mindful)
2.  protect what you earn
3.  kalyana mitta – good spiritual friends
4.  spend your money wisely
and ther are 4 condition will lead to downfall of a person
1.  sexual misconduct
2.  gambling
3.  taking intoxicant
4.  bad friends  (company of)

Bro Kenny Chan then corrected our Pali chanting and led the chanting of Karaniya Metta Sutta, thus ending a very fruitful night of sharing.


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Coming Events

Bhante Ratanasiri’s Visit

Venue :  Sudhamma BS
Date :     17 Apr Saturday
.              7 pm  Potluck  (vegetarian food – contact Sis Yeoh 012-6819923)
.              8 pm  Dhamma talk by Bhante Ratanasiri
.              10 pm  Chanting led by Bro Kenny Chan

.             18 Apr Sunday
.             9.30 am Talk by Bro Kenny Chan
.             11.30 am Sanghika dana (all welcome to bring vegetarian food for Bhante)

Please note due to unexpected changes, the above programme on Sunday is cancelled. Instead there will be the Puja, Dhamma sharing and possibly a debut short story telling.


Launching the Buddhist Community Alliance (BCA) MOU

Date :  1 May Saturday (public holiday)
Venue :  Dhammavijjaya Centre, Dengkil
Time :  8 am to 2 pm (estimated)
Programme :  Joint Puja, signing of MOU, talk by Bro Tan Ho Soon, colouring contest, treasure hunt, Dhamma quiz, fellowship with members from Nalanda Buddhist Society, Sungei Long Buddhist Society, Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society, Kajang Buddhist Centre.

Arrangements are being made for bus transport. Please give your names to Bro Low Kin Wan 012-2581566. Final details will be posted soon.

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Bhante Kovida – A Free Spirit

Bhante Kovida, a Canadian Chinese monk visited Seremban over the last weekend of March 2010 and shared with us his liberal interpretations and views of the practice of the Dhamma. Starting with his Qi Gong teachings at Seremban Buddhist Vihara on Friday night March 26,

he also engaged the devotees in Dynamic Meditation of Luang Phor Theean’s method.

The next day was a full one-day meditation session based on mindfulness.

The Saturday night March 27 saw a full crowd at Sudhamma Buddhist Society absorbing Bhante’s interesting Dhamma talk,

with a 15-minute lights out break in conjunction with Earth Hour.

The next morning being Sunday March 28 saw Bhante educating the younger members on the inter-connectedness of all things and beings, using Nature as example.

We also had the opportunity to offer lunch dana to Bhante.  Sunday night was another new experience in listening to different music in the background whilst mindfully tending to our meditation object

After spending another night at Sudhamma, Bhante was taken around town, walked the Seremban Lake Gardens and squeezed in a quick visit to Bhante Cittamano’s hermitage at Kuala Sawah. After lunch, Bhante left for KL and his next destination. We wish Bhante Kovida sukhi hotu and look forward to his future return to share the Dhamma. Thank you Bhante

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Bhante Kovida visiting Sudhamma

Keep these dates free to participate and interact with Bhante Kovida. It promises to be an enriching experience and everyone should make the effort (viriya) especially the children to benefit from Bhante’s sharing. He will conduct a Qigong session on Friday night (Mar 26) and a one-day meditation session on Saturday (Mar 27), both events at the Seremban Buddhist Vihara,
Then he’s coming over to Sudhamma to give a Dhamma talk and spend the night at our kuti. The next morning Sunday (Mar 28) members have the opportunity to offer breakfast dana to Bhante. Bhante will then lead the Sunday puja, talk to the Dhamma School children (adults/parents should attend too) followed by lunch dana.
Sudhamma members should seize this opportunity to make merit as well as help yourself in the Dhamma. Hope to see ALL of you there.

Bhante Kovida

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Experiencing Nature – Raptor Watching

Sunday 14 Mar 2010
Some 40 plus members joined the annual happening at Tanjong Tuan (prev. Blue Lagoon) in Port Dickson. Organised by MNS (Malaysian Nature Society), the annual census of migratory homeward bound raptor birds draws thousands of visitors including foreign tourists. Quickly spotting the high-encircling birds, our excited members shared the binoculars and telescopes available to witness for themselves this wonder of nature. They even learned about the migration from a MNS birder.

After fortifying with icecream, they ventured to climb up the road to the famous lighthouse on the hilltop, including the youngest, baby Lee.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our members to be exposed to nature and learn that there are other beings sharing this earth too.

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We’re on Facebook


thanks for following us…we’re now on facebook…please search for us under Seremban Sudhamma…see you all there!

Invited guests :Bhante Ratanasri and Bro Tan Ho Soon

Ajahn Suthep Chinawaro was ordained in 1988 (21 vassas),one of the last deciples of Luangpor Teean Jitthasubbo.This workshop is open for both beginner and experienced meditators.


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